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We are branded generic medicines

IGMS is the company to supply Generic Medicine. The company has vision to open 5000+ franchises all over India. Within short time company has achieve his goal and prove him self in service sector by delivering the best services to client.

Our main priority is to provide quality Generic Medicines at an affordable cost to the customers in order to secure their futures. Customer satisfaction is our primary and major social cause behind our noble business. In the times of inflation, branded medicines are out of reach of common man. Sometimes lack of proper medication may turn out to be fatal.

Quality Medicines with affordable prices

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About Generic Medicine

About Generic Medicine

A generic medicine is a medication created to be similar to the branded drug available in the market. In fact, it has uncanny similarities in terms of dosage.


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Start your own business

We are IGMS help you to start your own business and our team will support you. We are not only giving you business but also provide you prestige by helping patient.


Our Stores

Our Stores

We provide numerous services right from store registration till medicine supply. We provide all the information to get started with opening store and running it properly.


Why Work with Us

Principles of our work

We are committed to ourselves to be truthful and honest about what we say and do. We serve our customers at our best. We constantly look for innovative and creative services which help to answer our customer’s needs. Our entire team communicate with one another, work together in a bonded way to achieve the company goals. Customer satisfaction is our primary and major social cause behind our noble business.

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Vision & Mission

We have vision to open 1000+ franchises in Maharashtra and 5000+ franchises in pan India.

Team Work

The success of our team demands seamless communication with each other by working together in order to achieve the company’s goals.

Customer Satisfaction

We at IGMS strive to surpass customer expectations by interacting with our regular as well as potential custome

Respect Everyone

At IGMS we display spontaneous respect, appreciation and concern for every person.


We have successfully maintained a most satisfying business relationship with our clients.

Our Process

  • 1. Registration

    Our registration process is very simple. Our core team help you through each and every step of it so that owner does not need to invest much of time in it.

  • 2. Documentation

    Documentation are meant to have your proper record with us. It helps us to maintain all the needed information of yours in case we need in emergency.

  • 3. Agreement & Signing Amout

    Legality is one of our core principle and we take it seriously. We proceed with appropriate agreements with our clients followed by singing amount payment.

  • 4. Store Execution & Training

    Our team help you in finding proper store location, setup store with appropriate shop decoration terms. Our trainer are highly qualified and help you with every concept.